These are my references, all from the artist Clare Rojas. I was inspired by her color choice, form, and style when considering what a good first P5 project would be. “Passion Pointe” is the name of the far-right piece, and I ended up choosing to recreate it.

I chose this image because there are really nice curves, and I wanted to start experimenting with making smooth shapes. I used built-in shape functions to create the main shapes and then played with bezier to create the outlines of smooth curves. I could not successfully figure out how to use bezierVertex() after many failed attempts, so I hard-coded in “shading” under many of the curves by utilizing iterated vertex positioning to make the shading follow the smooth curve. In certain areas this is evident, but overall I am incredibly happy with the product of the method I developed as a result of not knowing how else to fill in curved shapes.