I did another rework from the last assignment to give a new variation from the original recreation of Tim’s work and used the variations as just the background graphic. The counter next to the controls records the y-direction from the middle and shows where your y position is, and used a variable ‘en’ to track effects from keys changing en’s value. Functions for separate screens, objects, and functions such as the score bar are used for organization. Within these functions, conditionals such as nested if-else statements allow for specialized actions.

You are dead, and you can actively seek or reject enlightenment. Any other key responses will cause ‘stagnation’, and you can spend the whole game interaction back and forth with the graphics by flipping the key settings, or you can see what happens when you reach either limit of the y axis with the score bar! Attempting to keep the score bar within the active game portion of the assignment is preferable since the end screens aren’t as exciting as you’d initially suspect, resulting in the player teetering between both extremes to avoid reaching either destination definitely and ending the experience. This piece was highly abstractly satirical and is a commentary on what “Church Camp” teaches kids, as well as conveys the message that worrying about where your points get you isn’t as important as worrying about if your time spent in the “middle” is cool or not.


I used some assets but forgot that CodePen doesn’t allow the transfer of them for free, so I could not use CodePen to embed my game with the JS into my Medium post. If you aren’t able to access the code through the top link, then I will attach PNG’s with my JS script. My apologies, I will keep in mind assets don’t transfer to CodePen for free for future projects.