“How do you feel?”

Inspired by Day N’ Night by Kid Cudi
  • Instructions: Click anywhere on the screen to initiate with the piece, then: (N)=Night mode, (D)=Day mode. Moving your mouse allows in these modes allows you to experience opacities, and using your mouse to click the screen will cause an extra effect. (M)=menu, and hovering over the (?) will provide a brief instruction rundown!

For this project I utilized:

  • functions-to coordinate objects and animations as well as assist in the organization
  • nested if-else statements for the button and intro page functions (pmouseX/Y, conditionals such as <,>,= to trigger events or values)
  • Used keyTyped function to have true boolean values for certain keys trigger functions
  • Made a button that has a hover (couldn’t figure out how to get a button click to “stick” and continue running the functioning it is linked to beyond when the button was clicked and held)
  • Using mouseIsPressed to trigger events- In Night or Day, clicking and holding the mouse while moving around the screen will add additional layering depth
  • For loops- to create the gradient on the intro screen on the top and bottom
  • noise()/random()-combined at times with pmouseX/Y to create the white noise static opacity effect